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Northern Pike

Another trophy near the top of most fly anglers bucket list is the northern pike....aka "the Water Wolf."  These ferocious predators can be found in the lagoons a few miles north of the lodge.  A short ride on the side by sides or boat ride on the lake, over the gravel bank and you will find one of our many 18ft G3 boats.   Look for them where the water vegetation is thickest, where the large mature pike prefer to lie in wait for prey while the juvenile pike use the vegetative areas of waterways to hide from prey.  Their strike can be startling, if they miss the first time be patient as they will often keep attacking your fly with over 700 teeth in their mouths they eventually get whatever they are after.  What an experience it is to catch a 42" pike on a fly, with all those teeth and a razor sharp gill plate a steel leader is a must.

Fly Fishing for Pike

Not only are pike found in the lagoons above the lodge they can also be found in the tributaries and slow parts of the Kvichak River.  Although pike have been invasive in other parts of Alaska and have decimated salmon runs in some parts and over taken many lakes and streams, the Bristol Bay watershed is one place that pike have always coexisted with the other species in this amazing habitat.

Northern pike spawn in the spring of the year soon after the ice goes out.  A 25lb female may contain up to 500,000 eggs which she deposits in the grassy margins of a lake shore, slow-moving stream, or slough.  Adult northern pike eat other fishes (mostly whitefishes but also suckers, burbot, smaller northern pike and juvenile salmon). Large adults can eat voles, shrews, frogs, and small waterfowl. 

Recommended Rods & Flies for Arctic Grayling

Bring your 7wt rod with you as there are plenty of what we call "hammer heads" in the 15"-26" range, however an 8,9 or 10wt is what your going to want if you hook in a monster.  Use a top water mouse and brace yourself for what comes next, dahli lamas, popers and just about anything else you have that is 4"-6" in length are worth a try.  

Pike have quickly become one of the favorites on most sport-fisherman's list.  Let one of our guides show you how to handle these fish as their razor sharp gill plates and hundreds of teeth have been known to shred some fingers.  These ferocious predators fight early in the morning, through out the day and right before sunset making a memorable Alaska fishing adventure!!

Indy Walton

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