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The Naknek and Kvichak Rivers are designated trophy rainbow rivers.  We have fished all over Alaska chasing rainbows, we live a few miles from the Kenai River in the off season and fish rainbows all winter long if we can.  We purchased the Last Cast Lodge because we fell in love with the area, the people and the rainbows.  Unlike other places we have fished these rainbows have a bad attitude!  They come alive, take line and go arial, I burned my finger twice in one day and a huge rainbow hit my fly when I wasn't expecting it.

Fly fisherman come from clear across the world in search for the 30" bow.  Once you have caught a rainbow that big you will replay the experience over and over in your mind.  You will always remember the day, the place and who you were with the day you catch your 30" bow!

Fly Fishing for Rainbows

Lake, river and stream populations of arctic grayling can be found nearby at the Last Cast Lodge.  The lodge is on 10 acres of private land bordering the edge of Lake Iliamna and the beginning of the Kvichak River.  Grayling feed mostly on insects (black flies, mayflies, stoneflies and caddis flies), salmon eggs, salmon flesh and smaller fish. Some grayling have even been known to eat mice and voles.

Grayling tend to have a hierarchy of placement in a river system with older, larger adults claiming the upper reaches of river, sub-adults occupying the middle stretches and juveniles occupying the lower portions. Similar hierarchy occurs in feeding areas, with larger grayling forcefully taking over the prime feeding areas, with sub-adults and juveniles left to fight over the less-than-prime feeding spots.

Though fly fishing for grayling isn't all that complicated using one of our guides that knows the specific locations and habits of these fish will go a long way towards landing a trophy on the fly.

The Kvichak River, Lake Iliamna and the surrounding small tributaries are home to many trophy size grayling. Nothing beats catching one of these beauties on a dry fly or mouse!

Recommended Rods & Flies for Huge Rainbows

If you have a 7 or 8wt switch rod or spey rod you will want to back them first!

Don't for get to click on our trophy program and see what the Last Cast Lodge challenges are along with the awards!

Indy Walton

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